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OIT Enhancement Fund

The Office of Information Technology Enhancement Fund provides opportunities for you to invest in people who are passionate about providing technological innovations to improve the lives of others.

Project Management Lite (PML) Program

In the OIT PML Program, students go beyond the traditional classroom experience to get an edge in job placement. They work with seasoned IT professionals, gaining invaluable experience in software and web development, cybersecurity, networking, system administration, technological support as well as IT communications and training. This apprentice-like program leverages students’ talents and exposes them to a future career that aligns with their academic and personal pursuits.

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New Graduate Student Fellowship

NC State’s digital transformation goals require a deeper skillset to understand and provide effective IT solutions. Think: How can AI help faculty find IT solutions for research or teaching? Think: How can analytics detect cybersecurity patterns in attempted breaches?

The graduate fellowship provides the skillset and expands our efforts to support large-scale research activities through the assistance of graduate students and industry professionals. It funds the graduate student’s stipend and additionally provides a research project for a thesis or dissertation. It also allows industry professionals to collaborate to develop innovative uses of their products.

Community Outreach Efforts

As a land-grant university, NC State has outreach in its DNA, so we strive to meet the needs of communities that struggle with the complexity of technology. Currently, we are helping to develop municipal partnerships via the and WestNGN initiatives to provide broadband to rural areas in North Carolina. We are also exploring ways to leverage land-grant universities and the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service to bring data science capability to rural areas to grow economic prosperity. With your help, we can do more.

Staff Enrichment

OIT employees are our most valuable assets and future innovators. Investing in our employees allows us to be the best at what we do. The Staff Enrichment fund provides OIT staff access to professional resources to strengthen or develop new competencies and skills; it also enables them to become thought leaders in their respective fields and to actively participate and share their knowledge with other IT professionals.